Mission Statement

St Kieran’s Catholic Primary School celebrates the uniqueness of all. We nurture the faith and well-being of our school community, inspiring minds through the joy of learning.

At St. Kieran’s Primary School we believe in the uniqueness of the child. We believe that children develop at different rates, have different strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and learn differently. We aim to complement the work of parents as the first educators of their children, and we recognise the primary role played by parents and parishes in the faith development process. The full benefit of our school occurs when you enable the school, the family and parish to work in harmony to create a true environment for faith development. All members of St. Kieran’s community strive to respect and care for one another.

Teachers, as role models, provide a secure, supportive, stable environment where children can feel at ease to take risks as they learn gospel values, form wholesome relationships, develop respect for all and build their own self-esteem.

St. Kieran’s teachers aim to provide the best curriculum for all students and work hard to achieve a successful approach to teaching and learning. We wish to ensure that all students at St. Kieran’s are equipped with the knowledge, competence and qualities needed to be successful when they move on to secondary school. We understand that we need to structure and operate our schools in a way that these outcomes can be achieved for all students. At St Kieran’s we are committed to the development of the whole person, and we strive to provide a teaching/learning environment where positive attitudes towards faith, life and learning are encouraged and developed. The curriculum is designed to focus on the development of the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical aspects and so enable each child to reach her/his full potential.

Families are welcomed and encouraged to become actively involved, wherever possible, in the educational, recreational and social activities of the school. St. Kieran’s Primary School has an active and supportive School Council and Parents’ and Friends group. Our community is very supportive of the school, and parent participation is a strong feature. Parents’ and Friends organise social and fundraising events throughout the year.

Notice of these meetings is in the newsletter calendar, on our school Facebook page and all parents are welcome.

In order to support effective learning and teaching, we provide a clean, safe, comfortable learning environment that allows for a wide range of activities and physical development.

Dear Parents,

St Kieran’s Primary School, Moe is a community comprising of 175 children, under the care of a close, effective, professional team of teachers, support officers and office administration. The school provides an environment of positivity, openness and compassion where each child’s innate creativity and ability to learn and grow is nurtured.

St. Kieran's is a faith community. It has an important role to play in the faith lives of the children within its care. The presence of God is celebrated in our classrooms and through the wider school community. A sense of wonder of the world and each other is fostered, as the children are helped to see God as a loving and integral part of their lives.

St. Kieran’s is a safe place for children. They feel safe and secure within the framework of established boundaries and routines. These boundaries and routines create a peaceful and just atmosphere. The children are helped to develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities and consequences for their actions.

There is an enthusiasm for learning and discovery within St. Kieran's. The educational programs are stimulating and progressive. The curriculum is strong, comprehensive and covers all educational areas. The school is well resourced due mainly to the efforts of a highly committed and active team of parents.

St. Kieran's is a school with a great capacity for assisting children to grow in responsibility and inner-direction, capable of making wise choices, nurtured within a warm, loving environment that prepares them for the 21st century.

Regards Peter McKenna